Can I Buy Generics from Manufacturer Directly and Avoid Canadian Pharmacies?

With life getting more and more expensive and prices hitting new highs every single day, many people are wondering whether it is possible to purchase generic medications directly from manufacturers, omitting the services of Canadian Pharmacies.

Sorry to say this, but no.

Anticipating your “WHY?”, we will further explain.

The matter is that generic producers are not interested in episodic sales – it is simply not profitable for them. Generic manufacturers have giant production facilities to maintain, hundreds of workers to pay, and loads of operational costs to cover – this all amounts to thousands (or even millions) of dollars in expenses to cover every single month. If generic manufacturers begin to trade their pharmaceutical goods by the piece, they just will not defray expenses involved in drug manufacturing. To meet expenditures and gain somewhat decent profit, generic producers have to sell their products in bulk to official wholesale distributors.

How do generics travel to the end patient?

Wholesale distributors purchase generics from producers and distribute these pharmaceuticals to customers, including pharmacies, hospitals, and other medical establishments like community clinics, diagnostic laboratories, etc.

Pharmacies (both retail and mail-order) are the direct link between a drug and a patient. Canadian pharmacies purchase generic drugs both directly from manufacturers and, occasionally, from official wholesalers, thus, taking physical possession of the medications.

After obtaining generics, pharmacies become officially responsible for keeping the drugs safe and dispensing them to the end patients in proper condition.

Pharmacies’ duties in this concern include maintaining adequate storage of generic medications, educating consumers about the safe and effective use of these medicines, and accepting the claims from customers should they arise.

How to buy generic drugs and stay cost-wise?

Though it is impossible to buy generics precisely from manufacturers, it is still possible to reduce health and care expenditures by leaning in favor of online pharmacies rather than brick-and-mortar drugstores.

Reasons for that are obvious: unlike physical outlets, electronic pharmacies can offer up to 50% savings on a broad range of pharmaceuticals. We can usually get a better deal from mail-order pharmacies because online vendors, along with better pricing, offer some more advantages compared to offline stores:

  • Convenience and enhanced anonymity for customers;
  • Better drugs accessibility for people with compromised mobility and for people living in remote areas;
  • It is a general practice for online pharmacies in Canada to offer personalized medicine reminder services, seasonal offers, free samples, and the same-day doorstep delivery;
  • Online pharmacies provide exhaustive information about all drugs they sell, including active ingredients, posology, administration, interactions, and potential adverse reactions.
  • Online pharmacies’ regularly publish entertaining and useful articles on their websites to promote the patients’ pharmaceutical awareness and help them make informed decisions before buying.
  • Unlike physical drugstores, online pharmacies give a 100% money refund guarantee if you suspect there is something wrong with the drug you received.

Though it is currently impossible to buy generics directly from manufacturers, there is nothing to regret. With My Canadian Pharmacy, you are just several clicks away from certified medications at competitive prices and with free delivery within Canada borders.