The Most Reliable Pharmacy Service: Customer Presentation

My Canadian Pharmacy is a professional and experienced health care provider with almost 300,000 of customers in the US and Canada. The brand appeared in 2003 on the basis of an outpatient’s clinic using the funding of a pharmaceutical company: first batches of medications were manufactured in Canada. Later, the company started importing high-quality medications from India, China and several European countries. Year by year the range of medications and supplements grows and today it includes 350+ medications in the following categories:

  • Erectile dysfunction medications;
  • Antidepressants and mental health medications;
  • Diabetes treatment drugs;
  • Supplements for weight loss;
  • Cholesterol control medications;
  • Antiviral drugs and antibiotics;
  • And more.

My Canadian Pharmacy consults customers about rehabilitation after surgeries, treatment, diagnostics and interpretation of doctor’s prescriptions. You can use the free online consulting services anytime: just fill out the form at our website. The pharmacy is recognized by the National Health Academy, we got a prestigious award of the American Surgery College.

My Canadian Pharmacy is ranked among top 5 online pharmacies in Canada.

  • The number of employees: over 200.
  • The number of associates: over 800.
  • The average number of orders processed daily: 683.

We are glad that you are interested in our services. Our competent specialists are there to provide you a medical advice based on your prescription: we will select the most convenient pharmaceutical form of your medication and figure out what drug combinations are safe and what combinations it is better to avoid. Welcome to My Canadian Pharmacy!