To-A-Point And Exhaustive Answers To Generic Customer Questions

My Canadian Pharmacy is one of the leading retailers of pharmaceutical products in the online market of meds and medical equipment. Here you’ll find a vast range of general healthcare medications, prescription meds, vitamins, supplements, and a wide choice of meds destined to deal with your sexual problems cheaper than anywhere.

This section was created to help new visitors to the website make an idea of what it’s like to order from us and whether it’s safe or not. For the sake of convenience, we’ve decided to split the list of questions into separate sections:

  • General information;
  • Product safety;
  • Order processing;
  • Delivery issues.

General Information

What types of meds can I order from My Canadian Pharmacy?

We offer a broad range of remedies covering the majority of our clients’ needs. They are brand and generic general healthcare medications, maintenance drugs, vitamins, supplements, and various pharmaceutical equipment. We also have cost-effective meds for people suffering from chronic conditions. Our most popular products are pills, capsules, and chewable tablets created for people suffering from sexual weakness. Our generic versions of Viagra, Cialis, and other meds of this type are successfully sold all over the world. There’s a possibility to make a bulk order, which is beneficial and convenient at the same time.

What should I know about generic medications?

Generic meds are entirely legal. They are officially registered medications released in different forms, colors, shapes, and dosage options. When the patent on the brand medication expires, numerous pharmaceutical companies get the official right to reproduce this medication with the help of their specialists and high-end laboratory equipment. The design of generics is always different from the original medicines because none of the manufacturers has the right to use the unique brand design because it’s considered intellectual property.

How do I choose the proper dosage of a generic drug?

If you already have an appropriate prescription with your doctor’s recommendation, share this information with our online specialists via the phone or email. We will pick out the necessary medications with the same active components in the core in line with your doctor’s dosage advice. Generics offer a wider variety of dosage options in comparison to brand drugs. It’s a high possibility to have greater control over the amount of med you take daily. You won’t have to split the pill if you need a bit more or less. A more convenient solution always exists, and My Canadian Pharmacy will share relevant instructions with you.

Can I order anything from My Canadian Pharmacy without a prescription?

We do have non-prescription medications. They are mostly food supplements, vitamins, and various pharmaceutical equipment. Nevertheless, the majority of meds we offer are effective products that can be dangerous when taken improperly. They are prescription medications, and we sell them following US laws and regulations. If an item is labeled as prescription medication, you’ll have to share this official document with us so that we could make sure you’re out of danger. We aim to make our customers healthy because they add up to our reputation. We will never let you buy a medication going against your health indicators.

What if I don’t know how to make the right pick of a product?

Don’t hesitate and get a free consultation with one of our specialists. Share information on your prescription recommendations and don’t conceal the details about your health indicators and current conditions so that we could help you make the right choice and deal with your problem discreetly.

Product Safety

Are generics worse than brand meds?

Generics and brand pharmaceutical items are almost identical in quality. Alternative versions of meds have the same active components in the structure, promoting a similar level of effectivity. The main things distinguishing them in the world of medications are design (because no one has the right to steal anyone’s intellectual property) and low prices (because the manufacturers of generics don’t have to invest in advertising and marketing). Generics also have different names.

Is selling generics a legitimate business?

It’s entirely legal. Generic meds have to pass through the same procedures of certification and verification on the governmental level. None of the pharmaceutical companies can distribute illegal and unverified meds on the territory of the United States and elsewhere. Just make sure the pharmacy you’re planning to deal with is a trustworthy retailer with a certain level of reputation and positive feedback from its customers. Don’t be afraid of generics — make sure you’re careful when it comes to doubtful online shops on the internet offering unbelievably cheap pharmaceutical products.

Can I fully replace my brand medications with their generic options?

The production speed of generic medications entirely depends on the brands’ patent expiry dates. That’s the reason why you can fully replace only about half of the medicines you take regularly.

What about the possible side-effects of generics?

Generics are as effective as their original versions. It means that possible side effects will be the same if you are not careful with the instructions. To stay on the safe side, start with a consultation with your medical practitioner who can share advice on how to pick the right medication under your current health indicators. Get a prescription if needed. Then, get in touch with one of our online staff members to discuss the replacement options. This way, you’ll save yourself from potential health problems connected with the undesirable side effects of our meds.

Order Processing

What should I do to make the order?

It’s regular online shopping. Just pick out the items that you need and add the appropriate amount to your shopping cart. Don’t forget to seek the advice of our management to make sure you make the right choice. You’ll also have to share your prescription information if you ask for prescription drugs. We need to check whether you are allowed to take these meds or not. If everything is fine, you can pass on to the checkout process and the choice of delivery method.

How can I pay for the goods?

We don’t limit our users in payment methods — our billing page contains fulfilling information about this issue. If you have questions regarding the payment methods, we’re ready to comment on them 24/7.

Is it safe for me to share my credit card information?

Reliable SSL protection, combined with the prudent work of our IT personnel, will save you from potential troubles. Each of our staff members bears full responsibility for the illegal use of your personal information.

Is the approval prompt?

If the items in your order are in line with your prescription information, and the products you need are in stock, your order will be approved within two hours. You’ll receive a confirmation email when everything’s approved. If some of the items are out of stock, we will have to preorder them from our retailers. You’ll be notified in case of any inconvenience.

Delivery Issues

What are the shipping options?

The primary methods we use regularly are Courier delivery and regular Airmail. Airmail is used for international shipping, while Courier delivery is available only within the United States. Courier delivery is usually no longer than 10 working days. Airmail can take up to 3 weeks to get your parcel delivered.

Is the shipping available worldwide?

Yes, it is. However, there are countries not included in our shipping list. Take time and specify whether we can cooperate with you through our online management.

What should I do if some of the items are missing or damaged?

Contact us immediately. We will help you deal with this situation, get your money back, and try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

What if I don’t receive the order?

Unfortunately, delays are still possible for reasons beyond our control. It can be unstable work of the customs or delivery delays connected with the official celebrations and holidays. If you don’t get your order according to the specified dates, send us a notification or make a quick phone call so that we could check what’s going on with your order.