How to Order

Dear Customers,

This block is dedicated to main steps for placing orders. Here we attempt to ease ordering procedure but if any questions appear, please come in contact with My Canadian Pharmacy support group – [email protected]. We will process your query and solve your problem as soon as possible.

Complying with step-by-step instruction, you will prosperously accomplish ordering. Such an instruction is the best approach to search the shortest method to make an order via My Canadian Pharmacy online. Our staff of professionals do their best to make ordering procedure simple and comfortable for clients of various age groupsHow to Order

Step-by-Step Instruction

Select generic drug using drug categories division or alphabetic search. Each category is comprised of drugs suitable for this exact division. It is necessary to search for medication, find it and proceed your ordering.

Having selected necessary drug at appropriate dosage you may put “Order now” button and proceed ordering. If any questions appear, you are welcome to state them by means of our e-mail address.

The third step is known as checkout step. After having checked your order on correctness, please put button “Checkout” to proceed. This block will exhibit you main details of your order:

  • medication name;
  • dosage;
  • amount of pills;
  • price;
  • additional bonuses;
  • methods of delivery terms.

Please, enrol billing and shipping information. All fields are of obligation. All the written in information will be encrypted by special server assuring you that all your personal data are protected by My Canadian Pharmacy.
After all mandatory fields are enrolled, put “Submit” button to proceed an order.

Find confirmation e-mail in inbox messages where will be given all information about your order and its status. You will be sent one more message when the parcel will be deprived out of our office. So that, you may be sure your parcel will be delivered in time by means of delivery terms about which you will know here.