How We Make It Work: Why Our Prices Are So Low While The Quality Is Still High

My Canadian Pharmacy is interested in growing its business and delivering better service for customers. We continue improving our company to provide you with high-quality medications and impeccable service. Our strategic development plan for 2019–2020 is as follows.

Lead promotion on key issues affecting drug specialists and drug specialist care nationally.

  • Position My Canadian Pharmacy as the national voice of the drug specialist profession
  • Ensure My Canadian Pharmacy is the leader of the pharmaceuticals industry
  • Enhance open recognition and attention to drug specialists as esteemed and integral health care providers
  • Enhance individuals’ support capacity and share the best practices

Advance drug specialist practice by giving specific training programs that upgrade learning and abilities.

  • Enhance drug specialists’ certainty and aptitudes to empower them to rehearse at a propelled level
  • Build backing, support and trust in the profession to improve practice and payment for the service
  • Create a lot of career advancement options and alternatives for drug specialists

Help drug specialists explore the change to a more service based practice by giving driving procedure and administration models, instructive assets, practice apparatuses and proof/information.

  • Foster a situation that creates open interest and government/ payer support for an improved job for drug specialists in the social insurance framework
  • Provide assets and instruments to enable drug specialists to practice without limit extent of their insight and abilities, and bill for expert administrations
  • Align drug store’s interests to affiliation and industry endeavors

Encourage commitment among drug specialists and the general population by furnishing purchasers with trusted, impartial health care data and services.

  • Improve wellbeing outcomes for customers through drug specialist ability
  • Build support with key human services associations for the development of scope for drug specialist care
  • Enhance open recognition and consciousness of drug specialists as esteemed social insurance suppliers

Produce organizations that improve or quicken our capacity to accomplish our central goal and vision.

  • Enhance associations with ailment and expert associations, the central government, pharmaceutical makers, worldwide drug store associations, bosses, back up plans, controllers, teachers, drug store chains, innovation merchants and different affiliations.

Amplify the income capability of existing organizations.

  • Ensure the long haul budgetary practicality and manageability of My Canadian Pharmacy
  • Ensure ideal utilization of My Canadian Pharmacy assets

Guarantee the suitability of CPhA by making the limit (aptitudes, learning, structures) to seek after new business openings that meet income development goals.

  • Ensure long haul hierarchical maintainability
  • Allocate assets to organized regions

Offer accomplishment with individuals and partners by working together also, utilizing our qualities and assets.

  • Provide increased the value of our individuals and subsidiaries through coordinated effort, asset sharing, more grounded promotion and learning move
  • Provide better conditions for pharmacists and healthcare specialists