10 Top Ways to Control Asthma

AsthmaAsthma is a health problem that constricts that bronchial tubes and reduces the flow of air to the lungs. This causes shortness of breath followed by pain in the chest as oxygen reduces in the body. Without proper asthma treatment asthma can turn fatal. There is no cure for asthma, but with the advancements of science and research in this field, researchers have been able to find ways to manage the problem and avoid fatalities. Asthma remains incurable in the long run and is often hereditary however medicines can help you to keep asthma under control. My Canadian Pharmacy finds that it is important to know the reason for this health problem and how it affects the body.

Asthma Causes

A person goes through an asthma attack when the muscles affecting the flow of air to the lungs tighten and restrict the flow of air. These muscles are controlled by nerves and it is not very clear on what triggers the nerves to behave in such a way. Some of the common reasons for these triggers are allergies, respiratory infection or emotional breakdown. Sometimes the triggers occur without a cause.

How to Treat Asthma? 10 Best Methods of Asthma Treatment

  1. Ventolin InhalerAvoiding allergies – Now that you know that asthma is usually triggered by an allergy that affects the airways, you must avoid allergies as far as you can;
  2. Inhaled Corticosteroids – Corticosteroids are one of the most conventional methods of fighting asthma. Corticosteroids are naturally available in the human body and help in reducing inflammation. The synthetic form works the same way and helps reduce inflammation of the airways to allow easy passage of air. They are known as controller medications and take time to work. So they may not be very effective in the event of sudden asthma attacks;
  3. Leukotrine Receptor Antagonists – These drugs come in the form of pill. They work by inhibiting the chemicals released by the immune system that cause inflammation. The drug has few side effects but their effectiveness is not as strong as other drugs used for asthma;
  4. Short-acting beta agonists (Proventil, Ventolin, Combivent, Atrovent) – These drugs are often termed as relievers or rescue medications. They act very quickly by dilating the muscles that direct air to and from the lungs. Doctors always advise their asthmatic patients to carry one around so that it can be used when they suffer from an asthma attack.It is also used by people who suffer from exercise induced asthma. It helps them prevent an attack while working out;
  5. Long-acting beta agonists (Advair, Severent, Symbicort) – The effects of these drugs last for a long period of time, approximately 12 hours or more. It is usually prescribed to patients who end up using the short acting beta agonists very frequently.Long acting beta agonists are made of a combination of drugs that help increase the longevity of the drug’s effectiveness;
  6. Antihistamines – Allergies are considered as one of the main causes of asthma. Those who suffer from allergies are often prescribed antihistamines. These drugs block the chemical histamine which usually induces allergic reactions. Antihistamines are quick acting drugs and are usually combined with inhaled corticosteroids;
  7. no smokingStop smoking – My Canadian Pharmacy provides medications in many forms to combat asthma. Smoking for asthmatics can worsen the inflammation of the airways and induce an asthma attack. Smoking also reduces the effectiveness of inhaled drugs and you may find yourself increasing the dosage to make the drugs effective. A smoke-free environment is always advised by doctors. So in addition to taking your prescribed medicines, it is best to avoid smoking;
  8. Eating Healthy – Eating a well-balanced diet works in favour of asthmatics. Obesity affects asthma adversely, so people who suffer from asthma should focus on staying fit and keeping themselves healthy;
  9. Cold Weather – Many asthma symptoms are rooted in cold weather like coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. Asthmatics should make sure they follow preventive measures to avoid the cold. It is best to keep your inhaler handy when you step out in cold weather. You should also be careful to take your medications timely so that you can avoid sudden asthma attacks;
  10. Keep you appointments with your health professional – Lastly, My Canadian Pharmacy advises all its customers to ensure that they visit their doctors or health professionals in a timely manner to discuss their health issues. Any changes in the symptoms should be reported so that the doctor can change the medicines if needed. In addition to this your doctor must also be aware if you are taking any other medication as well. This is important because some medicines may react with drugs you use for asthma.

Allergens and other asthma triggers are all around you. When you breathe them in, they can cause inflammation in your lungs.

We have compiled 10 effective ways in which you can combat asthma. While these may not be the only option available to you, they are helpful for those who are fighting the health problem. My Canadian Pharmacy provides the best asthma inhalers online that can help you fight asthma (Ventolin Inhaler, Proventil Inhaler, Advair Diskus, Serevent Inhaler). These medications are available in different forms and your doctor would have prescribed the form in which you should take them.