My Canadian Pharmacy Solution for Prolonged Erection

How to Cope with PrisrismThe prolonged erection or Priapism is a kind of erection that lasts for approximately two long hours and is generally quite painful. This can rise or initiate from a sexual arousal or this can even happen without any kind of stimulation and continue to stay erected for a long period of time making it painful for the victim. Priapism is most commonly seen among boys aged 5 to and 10 and men aged 20 to 50. If such a disorder is not treated within time, then this can lead a man face erectile dysfunction in near future.  Medicinal treatments and solutions are easily available at My Canadian Pharmacy for those who really care about such dysfunctions and disorders.

My Canadian Pharmacy figures out probable causes of a prolonged erection

A prolonged erection or priapism is often caused due to certain diseases that affecting blood flow in our body such as leukemia and sickle cell anemia. There are certain drugs which can cause priapism at times as a side effect. Such drugs containing Priapism as a side effect are:

  • Generic Viagra (PDE5 Inhibitor);
  • Generic Cialis (PDE5 Inhibitor);
  • Blood thinners;
  • Antidepressants.

My Canadian Pharmacy states that excessive use of alcohol and certain illegal drugs can often cause prolonged erection or what is known as priapism. This can also be caused due to injuries that have damaged arteries.


My Canadian Pharmacy suggests possible help for dealing with a prolonged erection

If a person experiences priapism for more than four hours then he should immediate consult a doctor regarding this matter. This becomes extremely important if a man experiences such erection for more than once; he must visit a doctor for medical assistance as soon as possible. Medicinal helps and cures are available at My Canadian Pharmacy, so it won’t be a problem for patients to stay stressed out. However during the time of doctor’s consultation, one must always follow the following points to be asked:

  • For how long you are having the erection?
  • Did you have any kind of an injury?
  • What were you up to when the erection had initiated?
  • Were we under the influence of any drugs or alcohol?

The doctor will eventually inquire about the patient’s medical history and shall the check the area of disorder.

My Canadian Pharmacy diagnoses prolonged erection

Doctors basically diagnose priapism with an effective test which is blood gas measurement. The blood from the penis is drawn with the help of a small needle. It is done in order to check whether the blood is low in oxygen or not. This shall further reveal the type of priapism or prolonged erection an individual has. Proper diagnosis can be determined by purchasing suitable medicines for the particular type of priapism. These medicines are available at My Canadian Pharmacy.

Treating Ischemic and Non-Ischemic Priapism, My Canadian Pharmacy throws light on it

  1. Ischemic priapism: If the blood is not leaving the penis, then there is one treatment which is nothing but to drain it out. The technique is called aspiration which is done with the help of a needle and a syringe. Draining out the blood is extremely important as it helps in getting rid of the pain which was caused due to the erection. At times medicines are also injected into the penis which helps in narrowing down of blood vessels and pushing the blood back out. Further surgery is required in case these treatments don’t work;
  2. Nonischemic Priapism: At times putting ice on perineum helps in reducing the erection which gets better on its own. In case an individual continues to experience the erection again and again then he has to opt for surgical procedure which becomes really necessary at the moment. For medicinal help and support one can rely upon My Canadian Pharmacy for helpful solutions.

Symptoms defining a prolonged erection, My Canadian Pharmacy mentions some of them

There are several signs and symptoms that determine ischemic and non-ischemic priapism. Here are some of the vital signs and symptoms that one must be aware of:

  • Rigid penile shaft;
  • Unwanted erection for quite a long period of time;
  • Generally painful penis;
  • Erect but not like a rigid penile shaft; this determines the symptom of non-ischemic priapism. Learn more about prisrism

So, try and follow such informative articles and one can even  buy generic medications online from My Canadian Pharmacy for a fruitful treatment of prolonged erection.