Premature Ejaculation: Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Many men suffer from male sexual problems arising during intimacy, including premature ejaculation. What are the causes of premature ejaculation, what methods of premature ejaculation treatment do exist?

Regular sexual relations are one of the most important components of any man’s life. Erectile problems cause nervousness, irritability, a feeling of discomfort during intimacy and, as a consequence, fear of sexual intercourse. That’s why when the first symptoms of premature ejaculation appear, you need to contact a specialist.


Why man ejaculates quickly? Most types of premature ejaculation do not have a definite cause. With experience and age, men often learn how to prolong ejaculation.

  1. Premature ejaculation may occur with a new sexual partner;
  2. It may happen only with a certain partner;
  3. Long abstinence from sex;
  4. Premature ejaculation physical causes – anxiety, guilt, depression;
  5. Hormonal problems, injury, therapy with certain medicines also may affect men’s health.


Early ejaculation diagnosis is conducted to establish possible physiological and psychological causes of the disorder development. The specialist studies the medical history of the patient and examines the patient.

If it is not possible to establish the premature ejaculation cause, a man is recommended consulting a psychologist or a sexologist.

Treatment with Viagra Super Force

Occasional erectile problems are eliminated easily without medication. All you need is to exclude the factors which caused the disorder, and the patient’s condition returns to normal life without additional treatment. Premature ejaculation therapy is used if a man suffers from regular early ejaculation.

Longer treatment is required in cases when early ejaculation is caused by psychogenic factors. In this case, the man needs additional sexual training, changing attitude towards sexual intercourse. If you wonder how to prolong sex and magnify erection, you may use special stimulating techniques, potency exercises aimed at developing the ability to control ejaculation process. You may also buy premature ejaculation pills – generic Viagra Super Force with Dapoxetine to prolong ejaculation. The medicine is safe and has a low price.

The success of premature ejaculation treatment also depends on the relationship with the partner and her willingness to help and completely eliminate the factors that provoke early ejaculation.

In addition, men should give up alcohol, establish a trusting relationship with a partner, maintain a healthy lifestyle and do not neglect the diseases of the genitourinary system.