Pregnancy and Erectile Dysfunction: My Canadian Pharmacy Review

Planning for Pregnancy While Dealing with Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction is a condition when a man fails to achieve the sufficient erection which is required while he is having sex. This can make a man incapable of getting his partner pregnant which gives rise to certain depressing conditions which means that the couple might never be able to have a baby.

Erectile dysfunction often goes untreated because maximum men would either feel ashamed to disclose the fact or they would simply ignore to understand the importance of erectile dysfunction treatment properly. Erectile dysfunction tends to occur as high as 35% in 70 year old men and it’s only about 5% in 40 year old men. However, for those who wish to plan pregnancy while dealing with erectile dysfunction, My Canadian Pharmacy sets a complete guide determining causes and symptoms of erectile dysfunction and how can a person overcome this disorder and plan for pregnancy and lead a happy life all together. First of all it is quite important to get to the root of erectile dysfunction and find out the factors and reasons behind this type of a disorder.

The ED causes are the following:

  • Excessive intake of alcohol;
  • Smoking excessive cigarettes;
  • Certain radiation therapies;
  • Presence of high cholesterol;
  • Pelvic surgery (bladder and colon).

So, once such factors are kept in mind, an individual can be aware of the various factors affecting erection which would lead him to opt for suitable medicines and medications required to recover from such syndromes.

Planning pregnancy during erectile dysfunction

For many women dealing with their husbands suffering from erectile dysfunction can be quite hard and painful to deal with but they should also think the same thing from the perspective of their husbands who are literally dealing with the issue of erectile dysfunction. Quite naturally, any married couple on earth would definitely wish to have a child and lead a happy life but things turn out to be quite unfortunate when arises the issue of erectile dysfunction which can affect the process of a successful pregnancy.  So, a proper pregnancy planning would definitely require certain medicines in order to achieve the sufficient erection required while having sex. There are certain medicines available to cure ED and ensure a happy sex life leading to successful pregnancy. These medicines are easily available at My Canadian Pharmacy:

  • Viagra (Sildenafil) is the most effective medicine for prolonging erection;
  • Trazodone (taken an hour before the sexual activity, prolongs erection);
  • PDE-5 inhibitors (these are quite similar to that of Viagra although the side effects will not be similar to that of Viagra, these are currently under a developmental stage);
  • Tropical Creams (applied about one and a half inches deep into the opening of urethra, just before a sexual intercourse.)

Canadian Viagra can cure ED and create things suitable for pregnancy

ViagraOnce such medicines are applied and consumed in the right manner, this can help a man in experiencing the desired erection and can gradually consider planning for successful pregnancy. However, it is also quite important for his partner to provide a constant motivation and affection towards the person who is suffering from such dysfunctions. He perhaps needs that motivational support which would gradually make things normal for both of them. One must have patience with the ED pills and medicines because these generic drugs shall start working gradually so it is always suggested to have patience without worrying too much.

There are generic ED drugs and relevant support available onlinу at My Canadian Pharmacy for those who want to plan pregnancy while dealing with erectile dysfunction (Generic Viagra – Sildenafil citrate active ingredient anf other PDE-5 inhibitors). With medicinal advancements and significant developments taking place across the globe, this is really not an issue to worry about in today’s date.

So, planning a pregnancy during such situations is no more a serious issue with the availability of such supportive medicines which shall restore that spark back in sexual life by helping a man regain erection as desired and required.