New-Generation Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

New-Generation Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

The inability of a man to reach and maintain an erection long enough to perform sexual intercourse is called erectile dysfunction (ED). It can have a very negative impact on the quality of life, creating a psychoemotional strain, so do not delay the visit to the doctor.

If the problem does not disappear within 6 months, it is recommended to visit a urologist and perform the necessary examinations. If erectile disorders are repeated and it is impossible to explain their causes with chronic stress, fatigue, overwork, etc. – then a visit to the doctor is simply necessary.

The urologist’s consultation takes place in a confidential, calm and friendly atmosphere of mutual understanding. The task of the urologist is to find out the main cause of ED: either it is caused by psychological factors (about 15% of patients), or it is caused by physical changes in the body (about 85%), or a combination of these factors. It is very important to clarify whether the local violation of the blood supply is the cause of erectile dysfunction, so it is recommended to perform a check using ED Doppler ultrasound to determine the possibilities of treatment.

For information: Erectile dysfunction can be caused by metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, obesity, diseases that affect the nervous system and the innervation of the penis, as well as a side effect when using antidepressant medications, drugs for blood pressure, some diuretic drugs.

Dopplerography of Erectile Dysfunction

Dopplerography of erectile dysfunction is an important examination that helps to clarify the cause of ED – whether it is caused by blood circulation disorders or other problems.

This is the main method by which you can check the condition of the blood vessels of the penis. It does not require any preliminary preparation. The examination is a bit unpleasant, since the penile tissue is injected with a drug that acts on the blood vessels, and this makes it possible to measure changes in them. The examination is performed on the ultrasound equipment of the expert class Philips EPIQ 5 and it resembles ultrasonography, with one difference – the sexual organ is examined.

If the examination shows that the violation of potency is not caused by a violation of blood circulation, they continue to search the cause. After the examination, the patient can return to his usual life. The effect of the drug is felt about an hour after the procedure, however, if it did not pass within 6 hours – it happens very rarely – you should see a doctor.

Shockwave Therapy – a Modern Method of ED Treatment

Using methods of physiotherapy – shockwave therapy – helps men with pathologies of blood vessels and peripheral nervous system partially or completely restore the natural erection without pain and surgical intervention. Shockwave therapy has several advantages: the procedure is short, not invasive, painless, anesthesia is not required, it is performed on an outpatient basis and right after the procedure it is possible to return to your habitual way of life.

Shockwave therapy does not cause side effects or residual effects. After therapy, you can reduce or refuse the use of medications that stimulate an erection.

How it happens: manipulations are performed on the surface of the skin. Mechanical impulses stimulate the restoration of tissues – new small blood vessels appear in the tissues of the penis, which improves the blood supply of the organ. Therapy restores and positively influences the cavernous bodies and tips of small nerve endings – which is especially important for long-term smokers and patients with diabetes mellitus.

Therapy is performed according to a certain pattern: 2 times a week for 3 weeks, then a pause of 3 weeks and repeat the course. Only 12 procedures.

For information: shock waves eliminate the development of pathological processes that are associated with physiological changes in the body, for example, the pathology of nerve endings or narrowing of the blood vessels, which worsens the blood flow in the penis.

Shock waves eliminate pathological processes in tissues, which are the cause of erectile dysfunction.

New Drugs for ED

Medical development in the field of men’s health is constantly being encouraged by new medicines. In most cases, they are very effective and safe. But not all of them quickly get approval from the FDA, despite the success of clinical trials.

We are talking about ED drugs of the new generation:

1. Vaso-intestinal peptide (VIP), which is used in the form of injections;
2. Melanotan is the most promising means of a new generation for the treatment of erectile dysfunction;
3. Generic PDE5 inhibitors like Cialis Professional. All these generic drugs are available in online Canadian pharmacies only. They have become very popular due to their low price.

Physicians are not yet ready to conduct therapy with the first two means. However, they can already be found on sale. Therefore, a patient can apply them at his own risk only.

Medicines for erectile dysfunction are numerous. All of them have their pros and cons, they have different effects on the body. It is not recommended to start self-medication without a doctor’s consultation.