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My Canadian Pharmacy offers high quality drugs to increase potency and treat erectile dysfunction with free delivery all around the world.

Sexual Health of a Man

Every man values his sexual solvency. And it does not matter whether he leads an active and diverse intimate life or he has a permanent relationship with one woman – the loss of male power scares everyone. Even a slight weakening of the erection can plunge a man into despair, as erectile dysfunction is a verdict for any representative of the stronger sex.

Erectile dysfunction causes can be very different. My Canadian Pharmacy reviews of ED causes are numerous. Poor ecology, genetic predisposition, some serious diseases (such as diabetes mellitus), sedentary work, persistent stress at work and conflicts in the family – in modern time it’s not easy for a man to live “without losses”. Moreover, every year the number of young people suffering from erectile dysfunction increases.

Of course, it’s very correct and logical to consult to a specialist for qualified help immediately. But it is not that easy to completely open up to an unknown person and admit the lack of masculinity. It is a serious emotional shock for most men. It is really necessary to consult a doctor, but nothing forbids to take the fight for health under your control.

Leading pharmaceutical companies have already found a solution to the problem, creating a number of effective drugs to combat the most serious sexual disorders including erectile dysfunction. Their names are known throughout the world: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and many others.

My Canadian Pharmacy Reviews of ED Drugs

The purchase of the necessary drug is always associated with a number of difficulties, especially if this is done for the first time. It’s hard for a man to decide to go to a pharmacy and talk to a salesperson on such a delicate topic. However, this is not necessary in modern time: today almost any product can be bought without leaving the house. It is enough just to place an order in an online pharmacy. So you can stay incognito when buying a product and purchase the chosen drug at the lowest price.

My Canadian Pharmacy offers the buyer both original products and their generic analogues (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis). Generics are cheaper copies of the original drugs produced by other pharmaceutical companies. The original product costs more than a generic several times due to the fact that generic manufacturers do not need to develop and test but only produce the drug according to the ready formula.

Generics or Branded Medicine?

Generic is a product that has the same active ingredient, mechanism of action, efficiency as the branded drugs. Generic drugs are manufactured under the same technology as the original drugs, but by other manufacturers.

Are There Any Differences Between Branded Medicines and Generics?

Yes, generic medicines may differ from the branded ones in:

  • Form;
  • packaging;
  • additional inactive components;
  • shelf life;
  • labeling.

However, the international Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all medicines, both original and generic, meet the same quality requirements.

Why are generic Viagra, Levitra and Cialis cheaper?

Manufacturers of medicines have all the legal rights (a patent) for the development of a new medicine. Millions of dollars are spent on development, testing, certification. To compensate these costs, prices for branded medicines remain very high.

Generics producers (Indian companies) do not have multi-million dollar costs. Their task is to confirm the identity of the generics they produce and continue to produce the drugs according to the ready technology.

Why Choose My Canadian Pharmacy?

  • All our products are carefully checked for forgery. We are interested in offering our customers only high quality and safe drugs;
  • Anonymity – We understand that our clients are trying to keep their problems in secret. The history of purchases of each client is reliably protected and personal data are not given to the third parties. Delivery of the drug is carried out in a dense envelope without an inscription about the contents;
  • My Canadian Pharmacy reviews are mainly positive – customers appreciate our online store and return to our site over and over again leaving the positive feedback;
  • Our prices are really democratic. Ordinary pharmacies add large mark-ups on drugs in order to justify the costs of many employees’ salaries, rent of premises, etc.;
  • Discounts for regular customers – We regularly organize discounts from 5% to 15% for the drugs. Currently we have a 10% for all the goods. All you need to do is to enter My Canadian Pharmacy Coupon Code;
  • Delivery all over the world – Our online pharmacy will deliver the drugs to any destination by mail or a courier. The courier will call you in advance and specify the time and place of delivery;
  • Reliability – The online pharmacy works around the clock. The personal account on the site gives you the opportunity to control the process of ordering and delivery. Also, we guarantee a refund of money in the event of a substandard product although we are sure this will not happen;
  • Convenience – Making an order in our online pharmacy is a very simple procedure. The navigation of the site is easy, so any visitor can understand the placement of an order;
  • Cumulative discounts – Major discounts are granted to regular customers;
  • Bonuses for large orders – When placing a large order, you get bonus tablets for absolutely free;
  • Safety – All products presented in My Canadian Pharmacy online catalog have a quality certificate. Before ordering tablets to for erectile dysfunction treatment, read the information on contraindications, side effects or ask our consultant if you have any questions.