My Canadian Pharmacy Explanation of Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation Description

First of all, My Canadian Pharmacy would like to note that male ejaculation is a rather complex and exclusively reflex act, in which a special seminal fluid is released directly from urethra. Usually this act is accompanied by orgasm. And, as a rule, this act is the result of sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual activity that replace it. Sometimes ejaculation can occur directly during sleep and it is called a pollination. In some cases, ejaculation can be caused by certain prostate disorders.

The neural ejaculation center responsible for this process is located in lumbar region of human spinal cord. Actually, rather sharp increase in usual sexual excitement leads to ejaculation and orgasm in general. And right after ejaculation the former blood filling of penis begins to decrease significantly and erection weakens by itself.Premature Ejaculation

Naturally, My Canadian Pharmacy points out premature ejaculation is a disease that has various causes. Actually, to find absolute cure for this disorder for today is a really difficult task but you may visit My Canadian Pharmacy to search for medications and if any questions are left you are welcome to contact My Canadian Pharmacy online.

In modern medicine, it is considered that sexual intercourse, lasting from the moment of primary penis penetration to one minute (naturally with continuous holding of frictions) is pathology. Sometimes, with such a pathology, the period from the onset of sexual intercourse to its end is reduced to just a few frictions. There are cases when full-fledged ejaculation occurs before the moment of full copulation.

It is logical that any of these situations usually leads to sexual partner dissatisfaction, which often becomes the cause of real disharmony in a particular marriage.

Known to modern medicine, there are at least four premature ejaculation causes:

  • Firstly, a man may suffer from a syndrome, the so-called paracentral lobules. It is a congenital or acquired in childhood disease. Most often it is emerging pathology getting pregnancy, or birth trauma. It is quite possible manifestation of such a pathology as complications after a suffered brain concussion. The very essence of this disease is reduced to appearance of a hotbed of overexcitation directly in the brain, a similar pathology is often combined with some disorders in urination (for example, with enuresis), with the appearance of pollutions on a background of completely regular sexual activity.
  • Secondly, this condition can be associated with existing inflammatory process that occurs directly in seminal crest, where ejaculation reflex begins. This condition is observed with the so-called urethroprostatitis, as well as with other sexual infections.
  • Thirdly, cause of premature ejaculation can be caused by manifestation of male excessive sexuality in his extremely strong sexual constitution. Usually such a partner can be able to perform the following sexual acts in incredibly short intervals, although they are also short.
  • And, fourthly, premature ejaculation cause can be a violation of the regulation of normal ejaculation directly in sacrolumbal spine with infringement of spinal cord (which leads to osteochondrosis of lower spine, various vertebral hernia).

Premature Ejaculation Symptoms

There is also a classification dividing this pathology into two types of premature ejaculation, with various symptoms that will directly depend on causes of its occurrence:

  1. Primary type of premature ejaculation. This type of congenital pathology, which is characterized by malfunctioning of certain nerve centers located in brain, which are devoted to regulate the process of direct sperm eruption. Certain problems with extremely early ejaculation in this case will manifest themselves from the first youthful sexual experience.
  2. The secondary type of premature ejaculation, can manifest itself as a result of exposure to male body of certain pathogenic factors. As we have already said, the injuries suffered, all kinds of infections, and even the use of certain types of medications may become a cause of premature ejaculation. In this case, man, in most cases, already had experience of completely normal (adequate) intimacy, the correct ejaculatory reflex was already formed and, therefore, can be fully restored in the course of proper treatment provided by My Canadian Pharmacy.

Often, with premature ejaculation, there is an increased penile sensitivity, which actually can be a causal ailment. Many people believe that this is one of the most common causes of this disorder in men. Moreover, such an increased sensitivity may well be a pathology of congenital, and actually acquired.

Also, with premature ejaculation, chronic vesculitis can be observed with quite characteristic symptoms. In this case, there is an inflammation of seminal vesicles, where spermatozoa and other components of sperm accumulate, leading to the fact that crest walls increase sensitivity, and the slightest sexual excitement causes contraction and, accordingly, ejaculation.

Often premature ejaculation is accompanied by a violation of certain internal organs performance, again with a certain symptomatology. A man may well suffer from premature ejaculation due to injuries or pathologies of lumbosacral spine and, consequently, spinal cord, due to inflammatory diseases of strictly urological nature, due to bone injuries or internal organs located in pelvis.

Sometimes, together with premature ejaculation, there are:

  • hormonal imbalance, manifested by testosterone deficiency;
  • endocrine disorders associated with excessive production of such a hormone as prolactin.

If premature ejaculation is caused by psychological factors (fears, lack of complete trust between partners, or chronic stressful situations and conditions), then the symptomatology of this state will be saturated with psychological manifestations.