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My Canadian Pharmacy staff offers you for reading information relating to erectile dysfunction symptoms and causes.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms: Basic Concepts

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is a common male problem according to My Canadian Pharmacy statistics. It is characterized by a consistent inability to maintain erection sufficient to carry out sexual intercourse and (or) inability to achieve ejaculation.

Common erectile dysfunction symptoms include:

  • inability to achieve erection.
  • onability to maintain erection.

An erection occurs when blood fills the cavities of penile cavernous bodies. Typically, it happens because a man thinks about sex or because a partner stimulates penis, or because of a combination of these two reasons. As a result, signals “run” through the nerves from spinal cord to genitals and “sign” penile blood vessels, which needs to expand. A larger blood flow causes penis to increase in size.Erectile Dysfunction-Causes and SymptomsAchieving an erection is a complex process and various factors may influence this process:

  • fatigue;
  • anxiety;
  • drinking a lot of alcohol. Potency and alcohol are poorly compatible, since the latter, after a brief expansion of the vessels, causes their prolonged spasm;
  • smoking;
  • constriction of blood vessels;
  • nicotine, as known, narrows vital blood vessels – that’s why erectile dysfunction symptoms are more often manifested in smokers.

Erectile dysfunction should not be confused with ejaculation problems, such as premature ejaculation, at which processes of excitement, orgasm and ejaculation occur very quickly.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction occurs only in certain situations. For example, an erection occurs during masturbation, or after a dream, but it becomes absolutely impossible to achieve an erection with a sexual partner. In these cases, it is likely that the main cause of “fiasco in bed” is a psychological cause (for example, stress). This condition is called psychogenic erectile dysfunction. However, if you are unable to achieve erection under any circumstances, it is likely that the main reason is, first of all, physical condition.

What is Weak Erection and What are its Symptoms?

Erectile dysfunction can include both complete and partial inability to achieve an erection or ejaculation, as well as a tendency to maintain a very short “period” of erection.

Weak erection symptoms are:

  • mild erectile dysfunction;
  • rarely occurring inability to achieve ejaculation.

Usually, these symptoms disappear without treatment. Therefore, men suffering from a mild disorder of erectile function rarely seek for medical help.

They try to cope with the problem themselves, by buying:

  • ED drugs – Viagra, Cialis, Levitra;
  • male vacuum pump;
  • other mechanical devices.

Some men change partners, thinking that woman is guilty for his inability to achieve erection.

However, the main danger occurs in the following cases:

  • men who experience even mild erectile dysfunction, without any heart problems, face a serious risk of developing cardiovascular disease in future;
  • as erectile dysfunction becomes more expressed, the signs of latent heart disease can also become more alarming.

The risk of impotence increases with age. It is four times higher in men aged 60 years and older than those who have not reached the age of 40 (according to a study published in the Journal of Urology for 2000). Men with a low level of education are also more likely to experience erectile dysfunction, perhaps because they tend:

  • to keep a less healthy lifestyle;
  • eat less healthy food;
  • drink more alcohol.

There are many erectile dysfunction causes, they include:

  • diseases of blood vessels (eg, peripheral vascular disease and others);
  • systemic diseases;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • some medications intake (for example, from high blood pressure).

The cause of mild erectile dysfunction symptoms in young men, most often, is anxiety – especially:

  • nervousness when thinking about sexual intercourse;
  • possible partner’s pregnancy;
  • condom use.

Many men of this age group complain that “they can not get along with a condom”, because always, when they try to put it on, the erection disappears immediately.

Common causes of partial or complete erectile dysfunction in middle age are:

  • overwork;
  • stress;
  • feelings of guilt and loss.

Other cases of mild or severe erectile dysfunction appear because of:

  • diabetes;
  • alcohol consumption;
  • nicotine abuse;
  • drug abuse;
  • obesity.

My Canadian Pharmacy staff points out that problems in sexual sphere – an early “sing” that you need to pay close attention to your physical and mental health.