How Alcohol Influences Erectile Function

After the stimulating stage, alcohol slows down the main physiological opportunities of men – the erectile function also concerns to them. The very first body on which there is a blow of alcoholic intoxication is liver. Violation of which work reduces allocation in the blood of the men’s hormones of testosterone which are actively taking part in a man’s erectile function. Violation release of testosterone which is responsible for the influence of alcohol on erection and libido happens to owe to a negative influence of high doses of alcohol on brain departments which take under control the formation of sperm in testicles, and control of erection.

Considering the fact that with age there is an aging of an organism, and a decrease in the release of testosterone is observed naturally (which influences the erection). And if to dilute all this with hard liquors, the situation will be deplorable. Violation of work of gonads comes to light the decrease of sexual desire, lack of erection, premature ejaculation.

alcohol and erectile function

Work of endocrine glands is broken (adrenal glands, thyroid gland, hypophysis) as a consequence of alcohol intake, aggravating already shown sexual dysfunction. Alcoholic beverages, at the frequent use, are one of the prostate gland inflammation reasons, the result is a decrease in erectile function. Except for alcohol smoking harmful influences man’s force, food considerably influences a condition of man’s erection. A decrease of erectile function as a result of alcohol intake depends on the quantity drunk.

The daily use of some alcohol for appetite can decrease the erectile function by 30 years. Influence of alcohol on a man’s erection, as you can see, depends on that is how frequent also what amount of alcohol is taken. The excessive use of high doses of alcohol influences psychological processes of an organism (that attracts to erection violation), there is psychoemotional disinhibition, unselfconscious and loud actions are observed then organism intoxication by alcohol is manifested and that in turn leads to decreasing of erectile function.

The man taking alcohol connects the decrease in erectile function with overfatigue, bad mood, but the true enemy of erectile function, in that case, is alcohol. In a drunk state nature of feelings changes, they become sluggish and not expressed. There is a hostility to the woman, instead of relaxation and pleasure. Over time there is persistent impotence. Check out our website and you will receive the drugs at the stated periods of time without any delays at all.

Positive Influence of Alcohol on Erectile Function

Positively alcohol influences erection only in small doses. It is proved that at alcohol intake in small doses in blood, quickly, a small amount of hormone of testosterone which positively influences erection is allocated, helps to relax and break psychological barriers. Also, the sexual inclination raises.
The last years the famous scientists from various countries have carried out the various number of tests and researches about the influence of alcohol on male erectile function. But there is no consensus upon this statement. It is a proved fact that erection may be either stimulated a little bit by alcohol or damaged at all. It is up to you to choose what reaction alcohol will have on you.