Erectile Function: Questions and Answers

What is the Difference between Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction?

Impotence (from Latin impotentia – weakness) – is characterized by no erection, leading to inability to conduct sexual intercourse. For quite a long time, diagnosis of “impotence” was established for all men without exception, who complained about a decrease in duration and strength of erection. However, there were patients who, in principle, retained erection, but their strength is not enough for full sexual intercourse. In other words, these people are not impotent, but they are not completely healthy either. Therefore, a new term was proposed – “erectile dysfunction”. And today in scientific press term “impotence” is almost impossible to meet. This term is encountered less often in pages of popular scientific literature.

The term “erectile dysfunction” is understood to mean a pathological condition that is characterized by a decrease in quality of erection in men and as a result – lack of opportunities for full sexual intercourse. It turns out that impotence is nothing more than an extreme form of erectile dysfunction development

How Was Problem of Impotence Solved until Recently?

At different times, different people used such exotic methods as:

  • powders made from dried penises of some animals;
  • implanting costal cartilage in the penis;
  • erotic creams and ointments;
  • eating raw eggs of young calves.

To date, there are two groups of treatment measures:

  1. conservative (psychotherapy, drugs);
  2. operational.

A separate chapter in erectile dysfunction treatment is the use of different technical devices. They are based on suction devices. The transparent plastic bulb is put on the penis, which is connected through a hose to compact pump. The pump pushes air out of the bulb, causing an increase in blood flow to the penis and, as a consequence, erection. But this way of treatment in our time can only be called a rarity. All these methods in terms of its effectiveness, accessibility and, most importantly, safety cannot go to any comparison with Viagra pills and its generics.

How does Viagra Work on Woman?

For today, one thing is clear – Viagra does not increase sexual desire in women, nor it increases it in men. It could probably help some women with lubricating secretion, increased excitement and even getting the orgasm, especially if they have diabetes.

Who should Take Viagra with Caution?

People with diseases of cardiovascular system, as well as those who previously had priapism (a pathological condition that is characterized by erection appearance that is not related to erotic stimulation, and can last for a long time, causing severe pain in the penis). When taking Viagra there is a rapidly changing color perception with a predominance of blue colors.

How to Take Viagra if you are Elder?

There is a rather interesting point of view on nature of erectile dysfunction in elderly people. It is believed that this is a protective mechanism that allows people to save their lives. As a result of load, cardiac pain may appear, and the first reaction to cardiac pain is nitroglycerin pill under the tongue. The combined action of Viagra and nitrate-containing drugs such as nitroglycerin can lead to a sharp decrease in blood pressure and severe consequences. So, first of all, consult a cardiologist.

How does Viagra Affect Young Healthy Man?

According to Pfizer experts, Viagra is intended exclusively for erectile dysfunction treatment and does not affect erection in healthy men. On the other hand, the presence of a certain concentration of sildenafil in the blood can accelerate recovery period after orgasm. To date, there is no convincing evidence that sildenafil intake by healthy people can lead to any serious complications other than usual side effects.