How To Help A Child With Asthma: My Canadian Pharmacy Advice

Children and Asthma - Causes, Symptoms & TreatmentAsthma in children is very difficult to manage, especially when they are at an age where they do not completely understand the effects of the disease. Children are not able to explain themselves clearly so asthma diagnosis is very difficult in children. Typical tests that can diagnose the health problem are also difficult to conduct for children. An airflow test requires a person to breathe into an air tube forcefully. While adults may understand and do it as directed, children may not be able to use the same amount of force or may not understand the way the test is done which may result in unclear test results.

My Canadian Pharmacy suggests that parents should inform the paediatrician of historic diseases and allergies. Asthma is often hereditary and many allergies that cause asthma could have passed on to the child through the parent. There is no cure for asthma but asthma can be controlled through the modern effective medication.

Symptoms of asthma in children

CoughParents may find it difficult to figure if a particular asthma symptom, however it is better to inform the doctor if you notice any one or more of these symptoms:

  • Coughing, especially at night and in early morning;
  • A wheezing sound when breathing out;
  • Children having trouble to breathe where you may notice the skin around the ribs and neck are being tightly pulled;
  • Frequent cold.

While these are not definite symptoms of asthma and may be cured without your child going through asthma treatments, there is a possibility that these symptoms may turn into asthma.

Asthma Flare-ups

All children who have asthma have inflamed airways. The airways are very sensitive to certain triggers which lead to a flare-up also known as an asthmatic attack. Common asthma triggers are:

  • Allergens;
  • Irritants and Air pollutants;
  • Weather conditions;
  • Respiratory infections.

Minimizing your children to these triggers is the first step to managing asthma (also buy asthma inhalers Ventolin inhaler, Proventil Inhaler, Advair Discus, Flovent inhaler from My Canadian Pharmacy). As children will react differently to various triggers and symptoms of asthma always vary from one person to another, it is best to take advice from your doctor by discussing your child’s triggers and the symptoms.

If allergens are causing this health problem then your child may have to go for allergy skin testing to confirm this.

Asthma in Children

How to Treat Asthma in Children

One of the most common factors causing asthma is allergens. While you may not be able to completely avoid all allergens, you should follow certain measures to avoid them so that your child is less prone to an asthma attack:

  • Keep your child’s room free of dust and wash stuffed animals regularly in hot water;
  • Avoid feather pillows and comforters;
  • Use hypoallergenic covers for your child’s mattress, pillows and box spring;
  • Avoid the use of rugs and carpets which attract dust;
  • Always use clean curtains and change them regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust in them;
  • Keep your child away from common irritants like perfumes, aerosol sprays, cleaning products and smoke.
  • Choose the right methods of asthma treatment (Ventolin inhaler, Proventil Inhaler, Advair Discus, Flovent inhaler).

Weather Conditions and Other Factors

Common childhood illnesses like flu and cough must be dealt with seriously. Your child can enter into bouts of coughing which can trigger an asthma attack. Teach your child to wash his hands regularly. Consult the doctor to find out how you should deal with cold and flu if your child is asthmatic.

Windy weather can carry a lot of air pollutants and trigger your child’s asthma. Avoid taking your child out in windy weather. During cold weather conditions, have your child’s nose and mouth covered with a scarf when they spend time outdoors. This will reduce the chances of them catching a cold or being exposed to any allergens.

Exercise and Sports

sport and asthmaExercising triggers asthmatic attacks among children in whom the problem is not managed properly. Exercise is considered to be important for the growth of children. It helps them stay healthy and fit. This is a trigger that you should not avoid. Use preventive measures instead of discouraging your child from playing or participating in sports. My Canadian Pharmacy advises using asthma inhalers: Ventolin inhaler, Proventil Inhaler, Advair Discus, Flovent inhaler. You may buy asthma inhalers online at My Canadian Pharmacy on beneficial conditions.

My Canadian Pharmacy suggests that your precautions should be sensible and should not limit your child’s growth process. Your child should be able to find himself growing up as normally as other children and should be encouraged to involve themselves in all sports activities.

Carrying quick relief medicines and taking preventive medicines is more helpful for them rather than asking them to avoid usual activities.

Many customers at My Canadian Pharmacy have found that keeping these things in mind when helping your child fight asthma is easier and children are more comfortable when they do not find themselves restricted. While asthma is a health problem that must be taken seriously, My Canadian Pharmacy finds that children are able to combat asthma more effortlessly when they are in an environment where they can play and grow like all other children.